Longest career as a bicycle teacher
I am Aditya Kumar (born on july 18,1970) a native of Lucknow, U.P.INDIA.
I am honored by LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS, 2014. for my Benevolent service to free education. I have also been awarded , NISHAN- E- IMAM HUSSAIN’ AWARD” by Honorable Sh.Ram Naik U.P. Governer.
I am nationally acclaimed social worker, known as CYCLEGURUJI here because I pedal 60 to 65 km, per day to nearby villages on bicycle providing free education to children of slum areas, who have not seen school. I gather children and teach basic Hindi, English, Mathematics. I take classes from 8 am to 7 pm daily. I take classes in number of slum areas nearby. I am not charging any fees, I am proud to say that my students are highly placed in Private and Government departments .
I realized the condition of the low-income families children, without education, This thought came into my mind and I started teaching poor children. I am giving education to poor children since 1995. I do not have proper house and I myself still live in (JHUGGI), in village. Whatever little requirements I have, are taken care of by my friends. My father is a laborer, I managed to do graduation, anyhow, I have experienced great hardships in my life. I decided not to marry, thought of devoting my whole life for the poor children imparting education. I have taken up education as the mission of life, carrying mobile classes village to village, as of now I teach over 5000, students scattered in slum areas, and bring smile on the faces of these destitute children. They are the children of daily wage laborers, vegetable vendors, maid servants, rickshaw puller and alike. My aim is to provide maximum education to poor children who cannot afford to go to school and pay fees. I want to reach in every neighborhood of slums to curb, ILLITERACY from INDIA .
Even Discovery Channel has made a documentary film on my contribution to education, On Teacher`s Day, I was thoroughly interviewed by media and same was telecast on DELHI DOORDASHAN several times . ALL INDIA RADIO [ B.B.C. Radio relaying on 9/4/2011. Time 7,30 to 7,45 pm ] Besides this, MOBILE CYCLE SCHOOL, news had been published in more than 150. various leading newspaper covering free education to poor children.